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A sneaky kids app developed for Made in Me

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Sneak is a app we developed for the lovely folks over at MadeInMe.

The aim of the game is to lure out a collection of shy beasties that live in your device. First you must select the bait, then run off and hide. If you're quiet and still a beastie will appear, at which point you have to sneak up on it. If you make the slightest sound or move too quickly the beastie will bolt. But if you get close enough to tap the screen you'll successfully take a photograph of it. The ultimate goal is to photograph all five beastis that live in the app.

For more information on Sneak and to see it in action check out

"Sneak is one of the most inventive children's apps yet. A joyful digital toy." - The Guardian

Sneak started as an idea from MadeInMe to build an app based on the children's game grannie's footsteps. Combining digital and physical play was an area we were very keen to explore.

We developed a prototype app to demonstrate the concepts; Sneak was then built as a native Object-C app using characters and graphics provided by MadeInMe.

The interface is built using UIKit and the audio/video detaction uses AVFoundation, Quartz Core Image and Core Video.